Publications by Network Members

2018 Kathryn Hurlock, 'Bodyguard: There are accounts of PTSD in Warfare from Homer to the Middle Ages', The Independent


2017 Gervase Phillips, 'For a nation of dog lover Britain treats its canine veterans shamefully', The Conversation


2016 Sam Edwards, 'Remembrance when we'd rather forget: the war dead of Japan and Germany', The Conversation


2014 Jason Crowley, 'Combat Trauma is nothing like in classical antiquity - so why are we still treating it as such?' The Conversation


Other Writing 
Academic Publications 

2017 Andrea Ellner, Moral Injury: Towards an International Perspective, ed. with Brad Allenby and Tom Frame, Centre for the Future of War, Arizona State University

2017  Kathryn Hurlock, 'A Transformed Life? Geoffrey of Dutton, the Fifth Crusade, and the Holy Cross of Norton', Northern History  54 (2017), 15-27


2016 Karen Lacey, A Class Apart: the Military Man in French and British Fiction, 1740-89, Bern, Peter Lang

Chris Millington, Le Massacre de Clichy. Violences politiques et policières au temps du Front populaire (Paris: Editions Critiques, forthcoming 2021).

Chris Millington, A History of Fascism in France: From the First World War to the National Front (Bloomsbury Academic, 2019): 9781350006546

Chris Millington, Fighting for France: Violence and French Politics, 1918-1940 (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2018): 9780197266274

Brian Jenkins and Chris Millington, France and Fascism: February 1934 and the Dynamics of Political Crisis, with Brian Jenkins (Abingdon: Routledge, 2015) ​

Chris Millington, 978-1138860339; published in French translation as La France et le fascisme. Février 1934 et le déclin de la République (Paris: Editions Critiques, 2020)

Chris Millington, From Victory to Vichy: Veterans in Inter-war France (Manchester: Manchester University Press, 2012): 978-0719085505

Marcus Morris, ‘Between Workers and Soldiers: The Relationship between the Labour Party and Ex-servicemen after the First World War’ in David Swift and Oliver Wilkinson (eds.), Veterans of the First World War: Ex-Servicemen and Ex-Servicewomen in Post-War Britain and Ireland (London: Routledge, 2019)

Owen Rees, 'We need to talk about Epizelus: PTSD and the Ancient World', Medical Humanities 46 (2020), 46-54.


Thesis in Progress

Simon Olsen, 'From Hubris to Catastrophe: British Counterinsurgency and Combat Trauma in Afghanistan, 2001-11.'

Dean Freeman, 'A Historical Analysis of Combat Stress on British Security Forces during the Northern Ireland Conflict 1969-1989.'

Katrina Ingram, 'How English veterans were received and perceived in the late medieval period.'

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